SmartHub Release 3.3.4

APS SmartHub Version 3.3.4 (January 12, 2022)

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Unable to upload documents from iOS mobile app
  • Fixed – Images not showing with alerts from web portal
  • Fixed – District news showing in mobile app for single station users
  • Fixed – Add to Google calendar function not working for open events
  • Fixed – Apparatus stuck in subscribed list from mobile app after unsubscribing
  • Improved – Naming logic of member access level permissions in web portal
  • Improved – Naming logic of Shift Setup page in web portal
  • Improved – Notification wording in mobile app when user is not subscribed to any apparatus
  • Improved – Event sorting logic on display and mobile app
  • Improved – Event export to CSV functionality
  • Improved – Functionality to hide/display shift schedule on display screen from web portal
  • Improved – Document sorting functionality and UX from mobile app

New Features/Upgrades

  • Added – Ability for admin to send bulk welcome emails, password resets, deactivate/remove members from web portal
  • Added – Ability for admin users to submit a support request from web portal
  • Added – Ability to assign primary contact person/email when adding new event from mobile app
  • Added – Icon in mobile app incident list indicating when images are attached to specific incident