100+ Years of Fire Service Experience.

Who We Are

The team behind APS SmartHub is committed to supporting the fire service industry. Together we are leveraging 100+ years of combined experience to help you get the reports and information necessary to make split-second decisions and meet the needs of your community.

What We Do

We remain committed to providing affordable solutions for fire station alerting, from single fire stations to larger, multi station fire departments. Our team is dedicated to making vital information accessible every step of the way, giving us a chance to support local communities by assisting their first responders.

Why We Do It Better

Many of our team members have served as first-responders, with a sales staff composed of former firemen. This means we understand your needs and the challenges you face better than anyone. Just like you, we want to see response times reduced, danger to your personnel minimized, and daily tasks like training and maintenance made easier.

We also use the latest components and practices to keep you on the cutting edge of fire station operation, and that includes the software that drives many of our products. You can also depend on our team to provide you with customer support and technical assistance because we understand the seriousness of malfunctions that involve fire service. In fact, that’s also why our team is driven to make sure all of our products function correctly and seamlessly interact with existing systems you have in place.

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