SmartHub Release 3.3.1

APS SmartHub Version 3.3.1 (December 30, 2021)

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed– When submitting an alert from the web portal, controller was not receiving alert through the API
  • Fixed – Web portal not showing permissions settings for important links and audio links
  • Fixed— Users unable to unsubscribe from apparatus in mobile app
  • Fixed – Live web portal showing feature that is not available
  • Improved—UX when adding/editing display screen widgets from web portal
  • Improved—UX when editing existing members in web portal leveraging custom pop-up feature
  • Improved—Menu title logic in mobile app

New Features/Upgrades

  • Added—User defined notification settings in mobile app
  • Added—Alert subscription for pre-alert data
  • Added—Ability for event organizers to turn on/off email notifications for new member event sign ups (created corresponding email notification template)
  • Added—Event start and end time in event details from mobile app
  • Added—Ability for admin to delete/remove previously added news from web portal
  • Added—Ability for admin to see through the web portal what users have viewed a specific incident
  • Added— Master Admin email notifications for recently activated/deactivated accounts