SmartHub Release 3.1.0

APS SmartHub Version 3.1.0 (December 1, 2021)

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – 404 error when clicking link to retrieve latitude and longitude for weather radar map in administrator web portal widget settings
  • Fixed- Events sorting incorrectly in mobile app
  • Fixed – Document upload from mobile app generating service failure
  • Fixed—Time stamps showing incorrect times in mobile app
  • Fixed—Redirect bug when adding new scheduled alerts from iOS mobile app
  • Fixed—When uploading image with an alert from mobile app, image not displaying on alert
  • Improved—Admin web portal page titles
  • Improved—UX when adding new members
  • Improved—Display screen widget title logic

New Features/Upgrades

  • Added—Ability to delete events from web portal
  • Added—Member permissions to add & update audio links from mobile app
  • Added— Mobile app push notifications anytime new links are added
  • Upgraded— Weather radar map system & functionality